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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

Feel Your Best

Hormones are an essential element to the communication in our body and help in regulating the digestive, cardiovascular, reproductive, and cognitive systems within. Over the years hormone replacement therapy has received an abundant amount of skepticism leading to a poor reputation. There are two different types of pharmaceutical hormones, micronized or bio-identical and synthesized. The most common hormone therapy used in the medical field are those using synthesized hormones which come with side effects and risks such as an adverse risk to the cardiovascular system and increase risk of cancer. 

At Crossroads Health & Cosmetic Center we have a certified nurse practitioner that has been trained in the use of micronized/bio-identical hormones in order to decrease fatigue, metabolic deficiencies, risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.  Our hormone therapy is used to help you feel your absolute best and slowly diminish the use of medication, aid in weight loss, and reverse or improve chronic disease.​

If you struggle with any of the symptoms below, consider a consultation.

  • Fatigue                  

  • Sleep difficulties 

  • Decreased muscle strength

  • Unstable mood         

  • Hot flashes/night sweats

  • Difficulty losing weight

  • Decreased sexual drive

  • Mental fog

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy: Service
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